Empowering Youth Through Digital Skills Development.

We believe in the power of technology as a tool for self actualization starting with exposure to tech and closing the digital literacy gap. We offer mentorship, internship and skills training opportunities to young people across the island.

D.A.R.E Initiative

The aim of the Digital Awareness & Readiness & Engagement (D.A.R.E) Initiativeis to work collaboratively with private and public sector organizations as well as individuals and other interest-based partners to develop sustainable and rewarding internship, mentorship, and training programmes for young Jamaicans.

We acknowledge that now more than any other time our young people have access to smart devices and broadband internet. However, access to digital tools does not automatically equate to digital literacy or even skills acquisition. What’s more, the cost-prohibitive nature of accessing internet services, much less more extensive opportunities to engage in tech for young people outside of urban areas is a major inhibitor to more sustained exposure to tech.

Our inclusive initiative supports young people all across Jamaica in gaining the skills, experiences, and connections necessary to prepare them for contemporary careers in a borderless hyper-digital job market.

Youth Summit

November is National Youth Month in Jamaica. Over 4 weeks a plethora of activities are staged by the GOJ as well as private organizations to recognize, engage and empower Jamaican youths. Last year Digital Jamaica as part of the D.A.R.E initiative staged our first Youth Month Summit under the theme “The Future of Work: How Digitization Affects Employment” .

The annual summit provides a structured framework of activities and opportunities for young people to network, interact, create, learn and innovate.

Day One - Discussions

On day one of the summit there were a series of 4 thought provoking and insightful  discussions featuring an impressive line-up of 21 panelists and 4 special guests made up of Jamaican & Caribbean professionals from varying tech and academic backgrounds, will be live for four  and Q&A’s around the Summit Theme. 

The Evolution of Work & The Labour Market

Career Diversity

Positioning for Opportunities

Training Opportunities

Fire Side Chats

As part of our day-one discussions we sat down with 4 inspiring guests who shared their thoughts and perspectives around being (young, black, woman and or an innovator) in tech.

Summit Conference Replay

Day Two - Workshops

On day two there were 6 workshops led by subject matter experts with extensive knowledge and experience in their respective industry’s. Presenters shared strategies, tips and general advice around each workshop topic. 

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