Meet Victoria Taylor, Digital Marketing Expert & Our Instagrammer of The Week


Victoria Taylor Digital Insider Blog

Victoria Taylor is a rising star in the Digital Marketing field, she is informed, well researched, up-to-di-time and our Jamaican Instagrammer of the Week.

Businesses have been using digital platforms like TV and radio to market their businesses for some time now, that’s not a new concept. But since the late 2000s digital has had a whole new face with the rise of social media and other Web based platforms like YouTube and WordPress backed by powerful search engines like Google with the accompanying suite of tools such as Google Analytics.

Needless to say the marketing landscape has changed, in fact it has almost completely gone digital. Now a whole new set of skills are required to successfully navigate this  space and from that several new fields have emerged, to include digital. Marketing, content creation, social media management, digital branding etc. That’s where Victoria and her platform Vital Vines  come in.

I spend a lot of time online actively specifically seeking out what I call Digital Jamaicans, people who are active in the digital space. That’s how I came across Vital Vines on Twitter and based on the content I knew  that whosoever was behind this platform clearly knew what was up. Turns out that was Victoria and I have been a fan of her and her platform ever since.

When it comes to digital marketing and management Victoria Taylor is the real deal with a knowledge base that touches just about all fields. She is the founder of Vital Vines a Digital Marketing platform to incorporate blogging, copywriting, content creation and other digital based creative components as well she is the creator and host of the In-Demand Podcast.

The refreshing thing about her is that she’s not just talking the talk claiming to be a digital marketer (God knows there are worryingly plenty of those these days) homegirl is actually doing the do too.  She is a prolific producer of digital marketing guides on just about every pertinent topic. In fact she’s one the first persons I know of locally to have produced a guide to Instagram Layouts, which is in effect  a how to guide on designing an effective Instagram aesthetic.

She recently produced a complete guide on Influencer Marketing for wannabe Influencers, the first I knwo to have actually written on the topic locally. On top of all that she has used the Vital Vines platform to inform, advise and educate individuals as well as  other digital marketers, posting relevant topics and producing instructional and informative YouTube videos

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