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Digital Jamaica Podcast with Twain Richardson

There are dreamers, there are dabblers and then there are the doers, Twain is the first and last of those things. He dreams but he doesn’t limit himself to the machinations of his mind, he manifests them. Twain is who I want to be when I grow up, someone who decides and with a devil may care attitude does.

When Twain left high school he couldn’t get a job, a common feature of young adult life here. But Twain is a true Jamaican, and we aren’t the type to allow likkle setbacks to keep us from greatness, so in the great Jamaican tradition he turned to hustling.

And, it was while hustling he learned valuable lessons, about being reliable, serving your customers and creating value. These are the principles upon which he’s built Frame of Reference Productions

The story of how Twain Richardson came to be the co-founder of  the only post-production company in the English-speaking Caribbean epitomizes so many things about the Jamaican spirit. We are the ‘tun-yuh han mek fashion’ people,  immensely driven, tough headed go getters who always find ourselves excelling in places we are never expected.

That is Twain and that is why he’s winning big right now. 

You can find Twain online on Instagram & Twitter and you can check out his work on his website here.

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