Episode 22 – The Business of Blogging with Jessica Hylton-Leckie a.k.a Jessica In The Kitchen

Is blogging dead? Can people still make money from blogging? How can I turn my blog into a lucrative full-time career? At the end of this episode you’ll have the answers to all those questions. In fact, this could easily be a mini guide or webinar on the Business of Blogging because Jessica spared no details.

When it comes to blogging in Jamaica or indeed anywhere Jessica Hylton-Leckie a.k.a Jessica In The Kitchen a.k.a The Cauliflower Queen is on a whole other level. This popular Jamaican Food Blogger, has in a few short years turned her side-hustle into perhaps the most successful blog in the Caribbean, certainly in Jamaica.

Jessica Hylton-Leckie a.k.a Jessica In The Kitchen

While in undergrad studying for a law degree, she started Jessica Bakes  a bakery specializing in vegan based treats such as  cakes, cookies, cupcakes and cheesecakes. To promote her business she launched a website where she could take orders online as well share photos of her work, the more she shared the more enjoyment she got from it.

When I was doing baking, I wanted to start sharing, like what I was making … I had a website for the business, so I take orders online or to share like photos of what I was doing. And then I thought it would be cool to just have a blog alongside it, like, Oh, this is what I’m baking today … that was kind of just fun because after I made every baked good, I take a photo of it.

That caught on pretty quick and soon her hobby turned into a serious interest with a growing community.

slowly but surely, you know, you start to find a little community and you’re like, Oh, you know this is really fun … And then I started to share savory recipes on the blog, so it was no longer just photos. It was like recipes, and savory stuff.  This is what I’m cooking today, you know, I just feel like making this. And yeah, it started community forming and then at that point, I was like, Okay, I’m actually interested in this.

The more popular the blog became the more she realized how much potential there is to turn it into something more than a hobby or something to promote her side-business. Jessica got to work improving and building her skills, investing in new equipment, doing research and experimenting with new recipe ideas.

I was now interested in getting a proper camera, you know, or like, learning more about photography and everything like that because I was really enjoying it right. And yeah, by the time 2014 came on, it had a following and that was you know, years pretty much on and off to be honest with you while in undergrad, and I was like, Okay, this looks like something that’s doing well, you know, we rebranded at that point we started to, like, put more energy into it.

Quitting that 9-5

The blog has grown exponentially since 2014, so much so that she left her cushy job as an attorney to become a full time vegan blogger. Because of all the work she has put into building her brand she has been afforded tremendous opportunities to travel, to speak and be recognized for her work on local and international stages, to form lasting ambassadorships with big brands and to become a staple for thousands and thousands of her fans.

Jessica the YouTuber

Jessica has launched a YouTube page where she uploads short 5-10min videos showing you how she prepares and style her beautiful dishes.

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I am a blogger and podcaster, using my platforms to tell the story of Jamaicans in the tech and digital space.
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