Stuck On An Island With Stephen Ibar, Jamaican Food & Travel YouTuber

My dad is a super nerd whose obsessed with all things tech (now you see where I get it from), so for him YouTube has been an outlet to indulge his tech fetish. In fact his favourite YouTubers are all the major tech personalities on the platform to include Marques Brownlee, Your Average Consumer and Unbox Therapy.   […]

The Business of Blogging with Jessica In The Kitchen

When it comes to blogging in Jamaica or indeed anywhere Jessica Hylton-Leckie a.k.a Jessica In The Kitchen a.k.a The Cauliflower Queen is on a whole other level. This popular Jamaican Food Blogger, has in a few short years turned her side-hustle into perhaps the most successful blog in the Caribbean, certainly in Jamaica.

From KFC to Popular Jamaican YouTuber with Chef Adrian Morris

Chef Adrian Morris has been taking pictures of his food creations from the time he was working his first restaurant job at KFC back in high school. From KFC to Fine Dining at the Moon Palace Hotel (then Jamaica Grand), his passion for food exploded and so did his incessant need to photograph his work. […]

No Visa? No Problem – How to Land Remote Job Opportunities with Javon Davis

Even before he finished his degree at University of The West Indies,  Javon was already on the hunt for job opportunities. That quest lead him to Udacity, a Massive Open Online Courses’s (MOOC’S) platform for persons wanting to work in tech and other digital spaces. He used up all the money he had in his savings to pay […]

Struggling with Stereotype, Cultural Trauma & Mental Health with David Yarde

In this episode I am talking to David Yarde, a multitalented Jamaican born digital creator who lets us in on his secret struggles with being a Jamaican living in the diaspora, working in non-traditional spaces with all the attendant stereotypes all the while battling depression and trying to overcome childhood trauma.

Cyber Security & The Caribbean with Gavin Dennis

Gavin Dennis is what happens when we become unbounded by our circumstances. Having started out as an accountant who dabbled in ICT, he eventually decided to pursue his passion for the latter. That one decision to go for it  and not be deterred by no’s has landed him in Germany, where he is now a […]

Say Yes To Everything & Figure It Out After with Twain Richardson

There are dreamers, there are dabblers and then there are the doers, Twain is the first and last of those things. He dreams but he doesn’t limit himself to the machinations of his mind, he manifests them. Twain is who I want to be when I grow up, someone who decides and with a devil […]