Ends : The Beginning of A Formalized Digital Economy?

On this episode of the Digital Jamaica Live Show, hosts Kadia Francis and Monique McIntosh are joined by Kibwe McGann, Country Manager for WiPay Caribbean and Larren Peart C.E.O of Blue Dot, two key players behind the development of the E-commerce National Delivery Solution (ENDS) program and platform. We also talked to Victor Clemetson CEO […]

How Pree Labs Ltd. & Citizens Response Ja Is Helping Jamaica Win The Fight Against Covid

Admittedly Digital Jamaica is an unapologetically biased platform. We have a special affinity for young prodigious tech/digital Jamaicans who have used their talents whether self taught or professionally trained to create innovative and relevant localized solutions to localized problems. It is in acknowledgement and appreciation of people like Yekini why we developed the People to […]

Meet Anna Sarayna, Expert Freelancer & Full Time Globe Trotter

Anna a.k.a the Inbox Whisperer is a copy writer, email strategist and the boss at afiwimarketing.com an email marketing agency she started to earn money to support her travels. Anna developed her skills on Fiverr back in 2015 “when the rates were much cheaper”. She started out offering blog writing services and slowly transitioned into copy writing […]

Stuck On An Island With Stephen Ibar, Jamaican Food & Travel YouTuber

My dad is a super nerd whose obsessed with all things tech (now you see where I get it from), so for him YouTube has been an outlet to indulge his tech fetish. In fact his favourite YouTubers are all the major tech personalities on the platform to include Marques Brownlee, Your Average Consumer and Unbox Therapy.   […]

The Business of Blogging with Jessica In The Kitchen

When it comes to blogging in Jamaica or indeed anywhere Jessica Hylton-Leckie a.k.a Jessica In The Kitchen a.k.a The Cauliflower Queen is on a whole other level. This popular Jamaican Food Blogger, has in a few short years turned her side-hustle into perhaps the most successful blog in the Caribbean, certainly in Jamaica.

From KFC to Popular Jamaican YouTuber with Chef Adrian Morris

Chef Adrian Morris has been taking pictures of his food creations from the time he was working his first restaurant job at KFC back in high school. From KFC to Fine Dining at the Moon Palace Hotel (then Jamaica Grand), his passion for food exploded and so did his incessant need to photograph his work. […]