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I am passionate about helping small brands and businesses like yours win online with a solid strategy and quality content that will attract, engage and convert. 

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Looking to launch your own podcast? I can help get you from idea to consistent production.

Having a podcast is a great way to build brand recognition and authority. It is also a great way to attract business, sponsorships and endorsements. If that’s part of your strategic plan for your brand or business then let’s get you launched and producing consistently.

Podcast Production 

Basic Package  |  $75USD

Editing Per Episode (up to 1 hr) 

  • Adding intros, outros
  • Adding sponsored messages
  • Delivery of final mp3 file

Standard Package  |  $95USD

Editing Per Episode (1+ hr)

  • Adding intro, outro,
  • Adding sponsored message(s),
  • Delivery of final mp3 file


  • Uploading episode to RSS feed for distribution
  • Transcribing and writing show notes for the blog or website to include links, promotional material and social handles

Premium Package   |   $150USD

Editing Per Episode (2+ hrs)

  • Adding intro, outro,
  • Adding sponsored message(s),
  • Volume matching for even-sounding playback
  • Delivery of final mp3 file


  • Uploading episode to RSS feed for distribution
  • Transcribing and writing show notes for the blog or website to include links, promotional material and social handles

Social Media Sharing

  • 4 branded episode teasers for up to 3 social media platforms to include Pinterest with captions, hashtags and CTA

Full Production & Management Package   |   $800USD

Don’t want the hassle of managing the production process? Then this package is for you.

I will be your production team, all you have to do is show up for recordings. This podcast made easy package includes:

  • Podcast Strategy & Planning
  • Scouting & Booking guests
  • Set-up & monitor recordings
  • Episode editing for up to 4 shows
  • Publishing 
  • Social Media Management 
  • Podcast Promotion

Podcast Set-Up + Launch Only  |  $200USD

I have a special package for first time podcasters who need help with the technical aspects of setting-up and launching:

  • Podcast Website Development 
  • RSS Feed Creation and Submission for approval to all the major podcasting services (Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify)

Level up your social media game with the help of the Four C’s

Everybody is on social media, including your competitor, so how do you cut through the noise to attract your target audience? The key to having a successful social media presence are the four C’s — Communication, Content, Consistency and Community in that order. 

I’ll help you build out a customized social media strategy with content that incorporates all four. 

Social Media 

Platform Planning  |  $100USD

90min Consultation

Let’s get to work putting together a solid strategy to build out your social media presence and create content that’ll help you attract, engage your target audience(s) and convert your efforts into sales.

Content Creation  |  $300USD

Monthly Service (max x3 platforms)

  • Monthly Content Calendar
  • Weekly posts (up to 5 per week)
  • Post Captions
  • Hashtag research and placement
  • Delivery of files to you for posting


Management  |  $700USD

Monthly Service (max 3 platforms)

  • Monthly Content Calendar
  • Weekly Posts (up to 5 per platform)
  • Engagement 
  • Community Building + Management
  • Promotions + Campaigns

– Minimum three (3) months retainer

When it comes to digital one size does NOT fit all, you need a highly customized plan for your brand

If your business or brand is not active online, then it’s as if you don’t exist. Going digital is hands down the quickest way to grow, but to realize any success requires you first having a comprehensive strategy built on your brand or business objectives. 

If you’re struggling to get started or need to revisit your existing strategy, I can help you develop and or implement a solid plan.


Power Sessions   |   $25USD

1 hr Consultation Session

Whether you’re looking for objective, reasoned advice or you need someone to help you work out the details, kinks or weak spots or you just need a pep talk,  these power sessions are for you. We can meet in person or online to talk about your brand or business.


Strategy Review  |  $200USD

2 Sessions (2hr per session)

If you have a strategy that you’ve outgrown or your plan just isn’t coming together or producing any positive results then this refresher session is for you. The aim of this session is to identify and address the weak, problematic or missing  areas of your plan.

Strategy Development | $600+ USD

5  Sessions (2hrs per session)

  • Identifying objectives
  • Brand Identity + Messaging + Voice
  • Target Audience Mapping
  • Competitor Scouting
  • Digital SWOT
  • Content Plan
  • Social Media Platform Development
  • Website development
  • Define & Measure ROI

*** Needs Assessment Pricing ***

Digital Brand Development  + Implementation  Strategy 

Whether your goal is to build a successful online brand/business or to make the switch to a digital platform, you need someone with a deep understanding of the local online space to help guide your efforts.

There are so many opportunities for growth online, but you must first be in a position to take advantage of them.

That is why I created Start Strong, a comprehensive multi-layered digital brand development system designed to help businesses and brands establish, position and grow online.

The future of business is digital marketing, so if you’re ready to take the leap and want to know how Start Strong can help, click link below to get in touch.


I was wowed by Kadia’s ability to cut through the noise and get right down to the root when identifying my obstacles to execution … I left our power session feeling like my vision had been sharpened by a truly exceptional and authentic thought partner.

Dana Fletcher

Mental Health Advocate

I really felt the discussion gave me a lot to ponder — from the format of the podcast to thinking about how to target people. I also really appreciated all the links and resources you provided and how you leveled with me without making me feel uncomfortable.

Gabrielle Rogers

Aspiring Podcaster

I have had the opportunity of speaking with and meeting Kadia and she is a breath of fresh air. She is very passionate about what she does and genuinely want to share her knowledge and help to build jamaica’s digital platform.

Kerron Clarke

Creator, My Budget Leaf Planner

Kadia Francis - Digital Jamaica

Hi! I am Kadia Francis

My passion is all things digital,  and the thing that brings me the most joy is to exercise my knowledge and experience to help MSME’S and digital brands find success online.

I didn’t know it yet, but my obsession with the digital world started back in 2014 while in law school. I couldn’t afford the text and because I was working full time I missed a lot of lectures. Not wanting to fail a course or be kicked out of the program I turned to Google.

Online, I was able to find the text or at least an excerpt, study materials and pass papers. But, I was more excited to have been able to share these resources with my study partners. We all graduated with honors.

I have been obsessed with researching, testing and sharing digital resources ever since.

If you’re looking for someone to help you effectively navigate the digital landscape, then I am your digital partner.

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