Meet the 2020 People to Watch in Media Honorees


DJPTW20 Anjuui James

Technology has afforded us unprecedented access to digital platforms where we can create localized narratives. This is especially important for people like us who have had our stories revised, retold and recentred by the white gaze.

Now for the first time, we the everyday people have the opportunity and wherewithal to tell our own stories — author our own books, share our own experiences, form our own opinions, build our own communities and most importantly be heard. 

All this has gone a long way in bringing to the fore nuance, balancing conversation and creating global perspectives that humanizes the ‘others’.

Meet the Digital Jamaicans in media nominees, using their platforms to do just that in  unique and personal ways.

Anjuii James-Sawyers

Broadcast Journalist & Health Blogger

In 2017 Anjuii was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis “a long-term, progressive, and disabling autoimmune disease. It causes inflammation, swelling, and pain in and around the joints and other body organs.

It is widely suspected in the medical community that one of the main culprits that can trigger RA is gluten. Which is why Anjuii has made it her personal mission to educate Jamaicans about this disease and the benefits of living a gluten-free lifestyle.

Her goal is to inspire, motivate and empower others also struggling with RA and this she does on her blog where she shares her own journey. 

You can find and connect with Anjuii on Instagram & LinkedIn.

O’Dwayne Wilson

Photographer & Vlogger at Roaming Yardy

A graduate from Edna Manley College, O’Dwayne is a true creative holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Painting and Graphic Design.

He has channelled his keen eye into photography and videography culminating in a beautifully crafted ‘dry land’ expose of Jamaica that he called Roaming Yardy.

The YouTube travel vlog started after O’Dwayne realized that his foreign friends had been to more places on the island than he had.

This sparked a fire, now he spends as much time as possible, finding new and unique ways to document the island. His vlog employs a  cinematographic style look and feel which creates an immersive experience for the viewer.

“I want to make the average Jamaican feel like they have been to these places vicariously through my images and videos.

You can find and connect with O’Dwayne on YouTube & Instagram.

Wade Haye

Founder & Entertainment Blogger at 13th Street Promotions

This Manchester-ite has always been a creative with a deep love for art and music. His High School and University years found him being heavily invested in developing his own talents writing and recording music.

After gradating form the Northern Caribbean University in 2012, he  launched  13th Street Promotions a creative outlet where he continues to explore his passion for music.

The blog promotes local and Caribbean musically talent as well as other global talents creating music  with a heavy Caribbean influence.  Since launching the blog has won numerous awards, accolades and mentions the most notable being a recurring feature on Mechanical Dummy a digital entertainment platform created by American singer  Chris Brown.

The blog has also been featured on the New York based Global Grind an entertainment and culture digital magazine as one of the Brands to watch in 2018 and on the Los Angeles based Hype Off Life, a Los Angeles Based digital magazine. 

13th Street Promotions has assisted the careers of any artists and in 2020, Wade looks to expand the brand by releasing original video content, and to assist Creatives in behind the scenes work.

You can find and connect with Wade on Instagram & Twitter.

Noelle Black

Creator & Host, Get Cultured Podcast

By day Noelle is a Social Media Marketer & Copywriter helping brands build communities with quality content and effective storytelling. By passion, she is the founder, producer and host of the Get Cultured Podcast, a show aimed at empowering Jamaican youth, to become the best version of themselves and to embrace their nationality and culture.

Noelle is especially interested in using her platform to explore local culture which she does by talking to the numerous young talents said culture has produced, sharing their stories and wisdom.  

She hopes that hearing these stories first hand will enable others to ‘tap into their own potential. So that they too can unleash the limitless, spirited, gifted Jamaican that has always lived within.”

Follow the Get Cultured Podcast on Instagram.

Noelle Black

Creator & Blogger at The Millennial Jamaican Blog

As a Jamaican living in the diaspora Suzanna shares a unique perspective that we at home may not readily notice. It dawned on her that Jamaica and the wider Caribbean is for the most part excluded from global conversations around millennial issues. She also recognizes that even within local and regional spaces where these conversations are happening they tend to be very disjointed, largely due to the differing cultural and economic experiences. 

The Millennial Jamaican blog, was created as a central space for  Caribbean dialogue — a digital medium through which we can share our unique stories, experiences and viewpoints as well as exchange ideas.

In short the blog is a celebration of the diversity, similarity and beauty of Caribbean people at home and abroad. 

Suzanna strongly believes in all-a-we-ness, not only because of our many similarities but because as a bloc we are way more powerful and can make an even bigger impact on the world together than we can do singularly. 

You can find and connect with Suzanna on Instagram.