Meet the 2020 People to Watch Influencer Honorees


Once upon a time you’d have to be famous, super rich, have an important sounding title or in our reality be a high yellow uptown person who speaks with a colonial tongue to amass influence.⁣ Not so today, anyone with a strong message (and the right strategy) can attract influence and with that all the attendant opportunities.⁣

The idea of influence has also expanded, its not just about being able to affect purchasing decisions. It goes beyond that, the real power of an influencer is to inspire. Inspire new ideas, new thoughts and to change minds and perceptions.⁣

The DJPTW Influencer Nominees are all thought influencers in one way or another, having created platforms that inspire change.⁣

Sarah Miles – Travel Vlogger

In 2018, Sarah launched Miles Guide, a travel & lifestyle blog and YouTube channel, as an outlet to share personal stories, travel  experiences and to show her love for her Jamaican roots. 

Sarah is also the philanthropic co-founder of Mukkle Thrift a non-profit semi-annual pop-up shop spearheaded by “young women who stand at the intersection of fashion and meaningful change.”

 “I truly do believe that the world is your classroom and there is an opportunity to learn everyday- no matter where you are or what you may be doing. Knowledge is a blessing, and it is so important to me that I use mine to make a positive impact on the world and lives of others. I hope as Miles Guide grows, that I can continue to do that and live intently and purposefully.”

Sarah is also a university student completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Montreal, Canada, with a focus in Sociology and Communications.

You can find and connect with Sarah on Instagram & Twitter.

Anika Repole-Wilson – Brand Strategist & Coach

Anika is the founder and “Strategy Maverick” at Chic Digital with over 15 years experience in building and executing marketing strategy for some of the Caribbean’s most reputable brands.

She is the producer of While We Were High  ‘a Cannabis Infused Podcast’ that features professionals sharing their stories about personal development and their relationship with Cannabis.

Anika is also the mom blogger behind  a resource space she created for Caribbean parents to “celebrate the good, the bad and the down-right shitty moments of this beautiful, painful, ugly, joyous and amazing journey of Motherhood.”

You can find and connect with Anika on Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Xavier Brown – Director, Game of Life Jamaica

Xavier is a skilful programmer, graphic designer and footballer. He is the Co-Founder of Cybertise Jamaica, an online event-based advertisement company still in the embryonic stages of development. Xavier is also the Director of Advertisement & Promotions at the Game of Life Foundation, a charity organization using football to inspire and assists youths.

Hailing from Alexandria, Saint Ann Xavier graduated UWI with a degree in Economics, he was part of a contingent of UWI students who went to Barbados as part of the UWI Games.

While in Barbados he used the opportunity to make Game of Life’s very first international donation. The football equipment was donated to the McManus Ellen & Horejsi Centre.

Xavier is now focused on building out Cybertise Jamaica and his work at the Game of Life Foundation.

You can find and connect with Xavier on Instagram.

Kenishia Mais – Financial Coach & Entrepreneur

Kenishia Mais is financial transformation maven, and YLAI Professional Fellows Alumni. As a financial literacy and economic empowerment advocate, she educates young adults across Jamaica on personal financial management principles that will allow them to develop the discipline to dismantle their negative perceptions of money and create thriving financial lives.

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Jomarie Malcolm-Gordon – Brand Strategist & Attorney

Jomarie is the communications & marketing consultant, and Chief Branding Maverick at Malcolm Mavericks, a creative consultancy that helps businesses and individuals differentiate their products and services in a congested marketplace through brand strategy, identity and storytelling to increase their reach, revenue and resonance. 

As an attorney, called to the Jamaican Bar for nearly 5 years, Jomarie specializes in insurance law, personal injury and contracts. 

She is also the Communications Director of CorpCare Social Impact Consultants Limited. Her advocacy and drive for social change is not confined to the courtroom and is exemplified in her participation as a Global Shaper in the Kingston Hub as well as her service on professional boards. 

She is passionate about using her collective skills in a collaborative environment to drive change that will impact the community, Jamaica and by extension the world.

Find and connect with Jomarie on Twitter

Teresa Tak – Writer, Creator & Podcaster

Teresa is a polyglot and creatot at Gladly Global, a web platform promoting and documenting cultural expression through language.

Having successfully run a group YT channel on Japanese culture, she aims to create more spaces online that dive into Jamaica, its culture, languages and art. One of the ways she’s doing this in 2020 is by creating a brand new e-publication aiming to deepen the discourse around language, travel and culture.

Here, Jamaicans alongside other global contributors will place their varied and colourful perceptions on topics ranging outside of the typical and the overdone.  She can and her projects can be found at

“Culture is not simply something to be indulged. It is a new frame of thinking, and an opening into future insights and innovations”

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