Introducing the 2021 Honorees for Digital Jamaica’s Annual People to Watch Series.


The Digital Jamaica People to Watch Series (DJPTW) is an annual list which recognizes the up-and-coming digital Jamaicans we believe are making significant contributions to the growth of the local digital space. The 2021 honorees represent the 3rd programme cohort and was hand selected from a nomination pool of over 200 nominees.

They join a distinguished list of past honorees most of whom have gone on to achieve extraordinary things and gain more mainstream recognition for their work.

Our goal with this annal publication is to foster a dialogue and spur action towards the advancement of tech and digital in Jamaica and give our readers a personal look at the hard work, dedication, and contributions from some of the best and brightest newcomers on the scene.

This year thanks to our sponsor G5 Cybersecurity we were able to do more than just talk about their achievements, in addition we were also able to provide a suite of useful prizes.

Here are the 2021 honorees, click on each image to learn more:

Tech Honorees

Mostly known for its culture and as a travel mecca, tech is not an industry traditionally associated with Jamaica. However, if you should pay closer attention you’ll notice a strong and youthful contingent of tech professionals cropping up and showing out like our tech honorees:

Media Honorees

Arguably the biggest technological disruption has been in the media industry. Shifts in communication due to the proliferation of digital tools has had a dramatic effect on how we access information, leading to a growing appetite for on-demand-entertainment. Here’s our list of disruptive media honorees using digital to create their own unique media brands.

Influencer Honorees

A multi-billion dollar industry, Influencer marketing has fast become a staple in the digital marketing world. When used strategically this style of personal branding can be a launching pad for small creators and happily the local Influencer community has been experiencing a noticeable up-tick thanks in large part to the pandemic. Notably, micro creators like our influencer honorees have been doing the heavily lifting when it comes to quality of work.

Creative Arts

Creative Arts Nominees represent the new wave of Jamaican artists. They have each used the digital space to interpret, create and or promote their own brand of art.

Change Agent

The Change Agent Honorees have used social media and/or their own digital platforms as their digital soapbox to rally, advance change or provide solutions to pressing local & regional issues.

Business Honorees

The Business Honoree are all fully digital entrepreneurs who have used social media and or built their own unique digital platforms to develop economically viable businesses.