Meet the 2019 People to Watch Creative Arts Honorees


Our graphic designer nominees are young, multi-talented and rebellious. Their work can be described as bold fresh and uber creative. In that way their designs are changing how we experience our world in 2019 and beyond.

Graphic design is perhaps the most liberal of visual mediums in that it is inclusive, unrestricted, multi-platformed and scalable. This art form allow its practitoners full creative license to pull from and incorporate other visual mediums such as photography, illustration,  typography and colour to communicate an idea or concept. The medium also allows for the designer to be as individual and expressive as he or she wants to be. 

Our graphic design nominees are norm disruptive digital designers and visual artists.  In a space that can be very reluctant to embrace change they are artistic rebels flouting convention and forging their own distinct styles.

Natasha Cunningham

Portrait Designer & Illustrator 

Natasha is a multi-talented portrait and graphic designer as well as an illustrator.  You can describe her aesthetic as clean, elegant, sophisticated but simple.

In her popular portrait-a-day series she combines images of people with geometric shapes and natural elements flora and fauna. Her bold and fresh pieces are thought provoking, beautiful and confident.

“My process for the most part is sporadic. There is always a core idea/concept at the back of my mind for each design, but I never tend to know how the outcome will look”. – Natasha

Natasha describes her design process as an ‘exploration of color, elements and photography until it feels right or achieves the visual objective’. Each portrait design she says serves as “a celebration, interpretation, documentation or story of a person/persons which can sometimes take on a figurative meaning”.

Keifer Simpson

Digital Artist & Logoist 

.Keifer is another young up-and-coming Jamaican digital artist. He is in equal measure a talented surrealist, logoist and graphic designer whose work can be described as well thought out, effortless and curious.

“My work flow though fluid, is always on brand with a heavy focus on color theory and remaining consistent in that regard.” – Keifer

His enthusiasm and appreciation for color is evident in his digital art, particularly the Polyscape & Hidden Series which shows off his color blending and grading skills that adds such depth and richness to his work.

Keifer describes his creative process as ‘disrupting the norm’, he creates pieces that he says are meant to ‘cultivate an atmosphere which encourages imaginative thinking and creative exploration’.