Meet the 2020 People to Watch in Business Honorees


Within the last 5 years or so Caribbean governments have been engaging in protracted conversations about developing their respective digital economies without much being done on to show a commitment to actually making that a reality.

The interesting thing to note however, especially in Jamaica is that the people themselves are way more tech integrated and digital minded than their governments seem to be.

Jamaicans are prolific ‘hustlers’, no surprise then that a couple of years ago the Global Entrepreneur Monitor designated us the most entrepreneurial country in the Caribbean.  I’d liken Jamaicans to alchemists because they always seem to find (or invent) ways to turn a bad hand into literal money.

These days more and more of use are taking these innate skills to digital platforms, creating niche and novel businesses. So, while the medium may be different the entrepreneurial mentally remains the same.

These are the Digital Jamaicans in Business to Watch in 2020.

Monique McIntosh

Founder & Lead Strategist at The Digital Marketing Chick

Through her online consultancy The Digital Marketing Chick this creative entrepreneur has helped local and International brands across multiple industries leverage the power of Digital to achieve their organizational goals and support their communication objectives. 

Her client portfolio boasts some heavy hitters to include Kingston Wharves, L’Oreal Paris (Jamaica), and the Regency Bar and Lounge to name a few.

Monique explores her passion for digital through speaking to audiences of Digital Marketing professionals & entrepreneurs alike about the ways in which they can position themselves to take advantage of the  many opportunities that the digital space presents. 

That passion for knowledge sharing has seen her recently assuming the role as educator and of facilitator  for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing Program from the Digital Marketing Institute and the certificate programme in Content Marketing, facilitated via the iCreate Institute in Kingston.

You can find and connect with Monique on Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Shandean Reid – Founder, Write Lead Communications

Shandean is a multi-disciplined writer and the creator behind, But First Coffee a lifestyle and culture blog and a personal blog focused on documenting her journey as a wife, mother and business woman.

She is more popularly known in the business community for her corporate business writing and training skills particularly business plans, proposals and strategies through her company Write Lead Communications.

In 2018, Shandean published her first e-book The Business Plan Pocket Guide, “a cost-effective and simple practical guide to help the non-professional write business plans” for small and creative businesses.

You can find and connect with Shandean on Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn.

D’Andre Fraser, CEO-Billodex

Billodex is an idea D’Andre pursued from his college days at the University  fo the West Indies where he graduated with a degree in  Marketing. The Billodex platform is a simple solution to the problem of events promotion and ticket sales.

At the heart of this digital sales solution is the people, giving event managers and promoters access to millions of social media users worldwide willing to sell tickets on their behalf as ‘ambassadors’.

This is a win-win set-up where the both parties benefit as the event organizers sell more tickets and the ambassadors are presented with an opportunity  to earn commission on sales.

He was successfully able to secure seed funding for the idea from First Angels Jamaica which in 2018 he has increased in revenue ten folds. 

D’Andre is also a Pay-Per-Click Manager at Itel BPO where he manages on average 60 Google marketing/SEM campaigns daily and manages SEM campaigns for all brands under the ATL portfolio such as; Honda, KIA, Volkswagen, Audi and BMW.

You can find and connect with D’Andre on Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn.

 is the creator of Spectacular Specs, an animated show/ comic currently in development but that has already won several awards including the top prize in the Story Board Category at last years staging of the KingstOOn Animation Conference.

He also won the second place in the Best Character Design Category, and was a second place winner in  The Best Concept Category. 

He has years of experience in the field of Illustration and design working for both local and international clients. He has wide-ranging expertise using several and illustration  software such as Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and is currently teachin himself animation using ToonBoom and TVPaint.

You can find and connect with D’Andre on Instagram & LinkedIn.

Kerron Clarke

Creator of My Budget Leaf

Kerron Clarke is the talented graphic designer  and illustrator at Kerron Art Studios where she offers design and social media solutions. She is also the creator of My Budget Leaf Expense Tracker  “an actionable and practical tool’ to help users manage impulsive spending habits. The planner she says “allows you to track and spend intentionally with every dollar; in return you will be in total control of your finances and ultimately your life.

A Graduate of the Edna Manley School of Art Kerron holds a Bachelors in Visual Communication (Hons) and has taken part in multiple JCDC exhibitions along with other Visual Arts competitions.

Her work has been highlighted on several notable emdia and news outlets to include Flair Magazine, CVM TV & TVJ. She has also been featured in Amberation an online magazine.

In 2016 Kerron channelled her art into activism, creating the Pickini-Cherry an illustrated series telling the story of childhood sexual abuse in an effort to spread greater awareness on the issue. The series was picked by UNICEF who turned it into an animated short story, see video below.

You can find and connect with Kerron on Instagram

Joel Herron

Lead VA & Web Developer at Online Design & Support Services  

When she is not insta-blogging and being her free-spirited and adventurous self Joel is busy being a digital boss babe helping professionals become more efficient and increase their productivity over at her online Virtual Assistant Company.  

Joel credits her entrepreneurial drive to her daughter, the birth of whom she says sparked a fire in her to achieve a full and free lifestyle. Of her journey she says  “It’s crazy how a broken road can still lead to a beautiful destination, life often comes full circle and will connect all the dots for you.”

Joel sees her journey as just beginning with may more things she wants to achieve lessons she wants to impart to her daughter.

You can find and connect with Joel on Instagram and on LinkedIn.