Meet the 2019 People to Watch in Influencer Honorees


These are the Jamaican micro influencers to watch in 2019. Why? Because they are absolutely crushing it on social media.

But first who is an Influencer?

In the digital world an influencer is someone with the power to affect the way the online community think about things. This has real world consequences for brands because everybody is online these days, including their target audience.

Word of Mouth is Still King

The truth is for all the marketing gimmicks and tricks word of mouth is still the best form of advertising. Why? Because people trust people, even the ones they think they ‘know’ online . That is exactly why these digital personalities are so influential.

The Micro-influencer Boom

Studies have shown that the bigger the influencer the lower the engagement. This is understandable if you think about it, it is damn near impossible to stay connected to every one of your hundreds of thousands even millions of followers.

Niche influencers tend to have a more loyal tribe of between 1K-10K followers who are highly engaged and supportive. Massive numbers can be a turn off to some who may see it as a bar to getting to know the personality enough to trust them. 

It is easier for smaller platforms to get to know their audience and so they are better able to create the kind of content that’ll resonate with their audience. 

Our micro influencer nominees are consistently creating  high quality authentic Jamaican content, building strong active and engaged digital communities and changing the local influencer marketing game.

Ornella Green


Ornella is the blogger behind As Told By Nella a beauty, travel and lifetsyle platform nee brand that could’ve easily been one of our blogger nominees and was initially.

But, true story, when I was making my list of people to watch the first person I spoke to about it and reached out to for help to find worthy candidates was Ornella.

Homegirl came through with names and receipts and because I knew she was coming from a genuine place I trusted that the people she recommended were legit, and man were they ever.

Ornella is one of those influencers who is quick to put someone on and by that I mean using her platform to ‘buss’ yuh. I get the feeling she really isn’t doing that for herself either. How brands do you know willing to use their platform to not only acknowledge but big up, shout out and praise other brands?

Prexactly, not a lot,  this is what makes Ornella an influencer and her brand influential.

Check out the  As Told By Nella  blog, while you’re there be sure to subscribe to the newsletter.

Kesi Gardner


Kesi is a real branding OG who has been in these digital streets blogging and marketing long before it was kool. She is a digital brandist, marketer and advertiser with over ten years experience, which, as far as I am concerned, makes her an expert.

Expertise aside, what makes Kesi an influencer  is what she does, for whom and the impact it has had on the local digital scene.

Kesi (pronounced Kacy) stands out as an informer — one of the biggest in fact.  The kind of informer that is always ready to share the knowledge, experience and information she has accumulated over the years.

To an audience of mostly aspiring digital marketers, professionals and small brands (like this one) wanting to learn how to leverage social platforms — Kesi is a kind of digital guru.

The fact that she makes herself available to give advice and information is a big main. Going the extra step to promote and encourage the growth of small brands is what makes Kesi an invaluable part of the local digital eco-system.

Alexandra Daley


Alexandra a.k.a @just.lexi.simple is the Instagram selfie queen. A graphic designer and content creator by trade she has cemented herself as one of the best mobile phone photographers on the gram

What makes her an influencer is how she uses her talents as a self portrait photographer to tell stories that resonates with her growing audience.

She is authentic, talented and we are just completely captivated and inspired by her work.