Meet the 2019 People to Watch in Business Honorees


A smart device, access to broadband internet, social media and Google were all the tools our ebusiness nominees needed to start building a successful business online.

The best thing that has happened to Jamaica and other small Caribbean Island states in the last twenty years or so is the internet. This is a very bold assertion I know and here’s another one, I’m going to go one step further and say that perhaps the best government initiative during that period was the demonopolization of the telecoms industry.

Think about it, what happens when there’s more competition in any market? It drives down prices as companies are now having to vie for your business, tripping over themselves to offer you the best but cheaper deal. This cluster [email protected]#k means more options for a consumer, more power to dictate the market, and for the thrifty among us that’s always a good thing.

That’s exactly what happened here and now Jamaica has the third largest internet user base in the Caribbean with more than half the population (as much as (60%) having online access.

Even better, according to a 2019 Global Report authored by We Are Social and Hootsuite there are more mobile phones in Jamaica than people at a whopping 112% penetration.

The study also shows that there are 1.2 million Jamaicans using social media with over 80% of that number (1.1 million) accessing these platforms via a mobile device.

Taken this means Jamaicans are poised to take advantage of the infinite opportunities  available to us online because of the unprecedented access we now have to the global market.

Like our nominees you too can leverage social media and the internet to build a business for yourself or otherwise earn.

Gail Valentine

Virtual Assistant – Gails Virtual Hub

Photo Credit : Bryan S. Photography

Gail is the ceo and founder of an online executive administration platform specialising in remote office assistance. The hub offers a wide range of services to include general office management, social media management, executive/personal assistance and much more.

Having an online remote assistance company means Gail has positioned herself to take full advantage of the remote working trend. More and more company’s are looking for time and money  saving options and are turning to remote assistants.

And it’s not just businesses that are benefiting from this strategy either, personal brands and busy professionals in general are also hiring remote workers to help them stay organized and efficient.

A virtual assistant can help by scheduling appointments, answering emails, taking calls, booking gigs and in some instances customer service support .

Sue-Tanya McHorgh

Website Developer & Brand Designer

Suetanya is a digital entreprenuer powerhouse, operating several online businesses under her personal brand. She is the owner of Suetys Business Solutions, a brand design and web development business. She is also the owner of Suetys Boutique an online clothes store.

As is the case with most Jamaicans Sue-Tanya started her digital entrepreneurship journey out of necessity and ambition. After being fired from an underpaid call centre job she started her first business as a Virtual Assistant on the popular remote work channel Fiverr.

Being one of the first to do it locally, Sue-Tanya benefitted from having a first-mover advantage. Basically,  she had little to no competition in the local VA market which alllowed her busines to take off.

She quickly became a top notch Virtual Assistant and from that has launcedh herself into the Digital stratosphere. Now she’s a seasoned digital Jamaican, adding several other digital skills and services to her portfolio. 

There’s a lot to be learned from her story, it’s not that it was smooth sailing all the way through, in fact at one point she had to go back into full time employ.

But it’s her determination to be the master of her own time, destiny and financial future that has fueled her ambitions. That in and of itself is remarkable.

Kevonne Martin

B2B Marketing & Tech Entrepreneur

Kevonne is one very ambitious smaddi, he’s the COO and co founder of Queritel a digital business research company he launched back in 2016.

Queritel connects businesses and entrepreneurs to freelance service providers registered with their platform.

These service providers are freelance researchers who ‘provides hyper localized market, industry and legal data’. The platform has proven to be a hit so far attracting over 6000 freelance service providers.

These registered providers have been connected to over 5000 businesses in 21 countries across the Caribbean and North America.

In 2018 the company had their biggest year yet and are now looking to scale aggressively, recruiting more providers to satisfy their growing customer base.

Queritel is fast becoming an important resource for young people looking to earn extra money from a side gig.

It is also one of very few companies who are offering this kind of service to businesses wanting local market data.