Meet the 2019 People to Watch Bloggers Honorees


Who says blogging is dead in Jamaica? Well, our awesome blogging nominees are here to ‘mash dung dat lie’ with with their very own uniquely Jamaican blogging platforms where they share experiences, useful tips, and even discounts.

Blogging has been a thing in Jamaica for some time now, as far back as 2010 Jamaican bloggers were forming communities and organizing events to recognize and award these digital Jamaicans. Thus the Jamaican Blog Awards was founded which quickly morphed into the Caribbean Blog Awards (CBA) to ‘honour the best in blogging’ and to ‘celebrate the leading online content creators from the region’. 

Member so fth epunblic were asked to nominate their favourite platforms which say over 300 bloggers being nominated. However,  since its last staging back in 2014 the CBA has been inactive. It was widely thought that this whole blogging thing was a fad that had died out.

True, a lot of those blogs have gone dormant, but blogging hasn’t gone away. Now a whole new crop of bloggers have come on the scene creating uniquely Jamaican content for very engaged and active audiences.  Some of these bloggers even developed whole businesses around their blogging, creating opportunities for themselves that have been both personally and financially rewarding. 

Shannon Johnson

Jamaican Lifestyle & Travel Blogger

Shannon is an attorney, entrepreneur and blogger. She is chic, sophisticated and uber stylish which comes across in her blog itsalifestylereally. The blog showcases Jamaica as an Instagram fabulous luxury destination for everyone, especially locals “I want Jamaicans, especially millenials to feel that they can live that Instagram lifestyle right here in Jamaica by just being a little more creative.

A visit to itsalifestylereally is enough inspiration for fabulous living, from cute brunches, parties, beaches, chic restaurants, get away spots and travel. “We [Jamaicans] live in a deluxe paradise, we don’t need to fly to Thailand or Bali to experience it.

Lorane Rhoden

Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger 

Lorane is the fashion maven behind Hautepeople, the biggest and among the first fashion blogs out of Jamaica starting way back in 2011.

“The Hautelifestyle blog came about because I wanted to marry my love of writing with my love of fashion. So far my journey has been super amazing and fun of course.

The blog has twice (2017 & 18) been nominated best Lifestyle blog by the South Florida Bloggers Awards  as well as being nominated amongst the top 50 beauty blogs by OK! Magazine.

With Haute Lifestyle Lorane has cemented herself among the top Caribbean fashion influencers so much so that she was recently invited to attend New York Fashion Week as the Caribbean ambassador for Fashion Mingle.

Kerona Ledgister

Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger  

You’d be forgiven for thinking that country folks in Jamaica don’t blog.  Well here comes Kerona to serve you up a fabulous lifestyle and beauty blog to rival any other on the internet.

Kerona is the blogger, Youtuber and entrepreneur behind Ms. Sparkle and Glow, her third (and most successful) blog to date.

On the blog she shares personal stories, product reviews, tips and beauty advice. Kerona has proven that anyone from anywhere with access to the internet and a willingness to share can make a huge impact.

Jhunelle Jureidini

Inland travel Blogger  

Jhunelle, is the quintessential dry land tourist and her blog Simply Local Life  is the quintessential guide to travelling in and around Jamaica. Her budget friendly travel adventures show that you really don’t have to leave Jamaica to have amazing experiences.

Simply local life is a local travel blog written by a local exploring and enjoying Jamaica. I cover what to do, where to go, where to stay, where to swim and where to eat in Jamaica.

That’s pretty much your entire stay/vacation covered on this one blog which makes planning much easier. What I love about this platform is that it is chock-full of useful information, honest reviews, tips and guides and better still the fabulous discounts.

The best thing about Simply Local Life is the relatively unknown, off-the-beaten-path, untouched destinations.

The biggest impact of Simply Local is that it is giving an outlet to many local treasures and businesses who otherwise would’ve gone unnoticed.