The Human Cost of Digital Transformation with Matthew Cowen of dgtlfutures


Digital Jamaica Podcast with Matthew Cowen

When a company goes digital the effects can be way more dramatic than just changes in the operational and or management structures. A Digital transformation can also change culture, disrupts norms and devastate the general workforce.

In this episode of the Digital Jamaica Podcast I talk to Matthew Cowen a Digital Transformation Consultant and author of The Future Is Digital, one of my favourite digital newsletters. Matthew with his technical knowledge as an engineer and his years of experience working with companies in this respect brings a nuanced and rather sober perspective to the issue of digital transformations and the effect on the labour force.

Our conversation examines the human consequences of technological change, AI, data, and the growing anti-digital movement. Matthew also shared his perspective on how all of these things has and will continue to affect us in the Caribbean and how we can better position ourselves to take advantage of it all.

You can find Matthew online on LinkedIn & Twitter and visit Matthews The Future is Digital Blog here for insights around digital transformation.

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