Episode 11 : The Globetrotting Entrepreneur with Matthew Chin 

By Kadia Francis | September 1, 2019 | 46 mins

Photo Courtesy of Weh Deh Yah Suh

In this episode we are talking to Matthew Chin, Jamaican Travel Blogger, entrepreneur and one half of the adventurous duo from the new We Deh Yah Suh Travel Series.  On the show besties Matthew and Suzie have loads of fun  exploring local attractions hidden and popular and lots of laughs as they engage with the colourful Jamaicans they meet along the way.

Quick confession, I was completely unaware that Matthew was the boss and owner over at Macau, one of my absolutely favourite chill spots in Kingston (face-palm). I found out a couple minutes into the show and had a true fan girl moment.

Luckily, he was chuffed so all’s well that ends well, right? (still face-palming). But back to why I really wanted to have this  conversation. Matthew got my attention because he has one of the best Jamaican travel blogging pages on Instagram.  That, and he takes some very ‘interesting’ (read naked) pictures in the most amazing places. 

I mean, what can I say he’s a good looking fellow, especially naked, call me thirsty I don’t care.

Anyhoo, after spending a considerable amount of time stalking his Instagram pages (for the content, wink), I eventually got to the blog and realized that ummm, this is pretty good stuff and that’s really why I wanted to talk to Matthew.

So, I hopped in his DM’s to let him know that I really enjoyed his blog (and his pics) and that someday I’d love to talk to him about it. Luckily, he was launching a new local travel series We Deh Yah Suh and bada boom, bada bang here we are with an exclusive (yay me!!!). 

“We’re trying to bring a little bit of I guess exposure to some of these spots in Jamaica some spots secret,some spots are not so secret or hidden. But whatever it is, they are fun things that we enjoy doing. So I do these things on an often enough basis, and it just clicked to me one day like why is nobody recording this?”

Matthew and Suzie has been going on these mini adventures around the island for years. Now, they have decided to let us in on the adventure with this POV style YouTube series.

“in my opinion, the majority of Jamaicans right now living in Jamaica, are not seeing our country like how it’s supposed to be seen. So I think everybody should try to get out there, see something new, go and explore somewhere, it doesn’t have to be, you know, something crazy, or something really adventurous. But all you have to do is drive.” 

What makes me excited about this series and other like it like DowndiRoadja, is that whether intentional or otherwise they frame Jamaica as a place of great adventures. And, with world-class accommodations and attractions for every interest, taste level and pocket, it’s a stand out option for the travel blogger/vacationers for both locals and people everywhere.

Though Matthew insists that this platform is all in good fun and that Weh Deh Yah Suh is not a touring company or a travel club, he is open to maybe expanding into excursions, and he’s definitely open to collaborating. Right now though, Matthew just wants to enjoy some good times with his friend(s) and hopefully you’ll enjoy the journey with him. 

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