Meet Marlon McKoy : Jamaican Fine Arts Photographer & Storyteller


Marlon is very intentional with his art. His goal as a photographer is to provoke emotions through storytelling. And so, every click, every pose, every angle, every set is deliberate in that regard.

Immersive storytelling is when the audience has so fully engaged with the story that they become apart of it, or atleast feel as though they are. When Joseph Nicéphore Niépce took the worlds first camera photograph back in 1826 he inadvertently created a new language.

Through this visual medium we have learned to communicate our own experiences without racial, cultural and even language barriers.

As social animals it is in our very nature to want to share and express ourselves, our thoughts, our perpectives our struggles, triumphs, politics. The best photographers have always found a way to evoke those passions, speak those words and convey those thoughts in visceral ways.

But there’s a new wave of photographers like Marlon who are more than just point and shoot photographers, they are storytellers.  The images they capture are directed like a movie and for the same purpose, to relay a message to the audience.

“I want to be known as more than a camera man, I want to be known as a story teller  …  I want people to see my work and say wow, which movie is that from?

He draws inspiration from world renowned photographers such as Joey L., a Canadian photographer and director and Adrian McDonald a.k.a Lexon Art an award winning, internationally acclaimed Jamaican fine arts and wedding photographer.

What makes photographers like Marlon stand out is that they are artists in their own right. This new sub-genre of photography they practice called fine arts photography has a feel of being an artistic expression. Like a paint brush, the camera creates images solely from the imagination or perspective of the photographer. 

❝ Fine art photography, is first and foremost about the artist. It is not about capturing what the camera sees; it is about capturing what the artist sees … The camera is used to make an art piece that reveals the vision of the artist …❞ – Photography Life

“I’m a story teller, a visual storyteller, I like telling stories creatively through images. I think the greatest part of any image is the story and emotions behind it.”

Marlon wants to please more than your eyes,  even if the image is not technically perfect. For him what matters is that the image grabs you emotionally. In that way he is not a slave to technicalities, placing greater emphasis on conveying his message.

“I am probably the least technical photographer out there, but for me it’s all about the emotion and the story.”

Marlon’s journey started humbly enough with a 3 mega pixel Casio camera. That camera he credits with pushing him to explore his imagination and creativity.

“To be honest that camera was crap  but I loved it to death …  I did a lot of stuff with that camera and working within the limitations I had, I learned a lot.”

From that crappy Casio camera to a Canon EOS 60d and canon 6d mark ii, Marlon has come a long way. This young Jamaican is a rising star photographer, artist, creative and a Digital Jamaican to watch.

To view more of his work visit his facebook page.