Talking Tech Entrepreneurship with Monique Powell CEO of QuickPlate


Monique Powell Digital Jamaica Live

Moving from ideation to startup requires visionary thinking.

Tech based businesses are some of the most profitable organizations around these days, but becoming a tech entrepreneur much less a successful one is way sexier than it sounds.

On the Digital Jamaica Live Show we were joined by tech enthusiast Monique Powel, Founder and CEO of @myquickplatejamaica, one of the first tech based food delivery businesses in Jamaica.

She spoke to us about her journey to building a successful business, lessons she has learned along the way and advice on how you can tune your ideas into a successful start-u

We also had the pleasure of having on the show special guest Kibwe McGann, Country Manager for WiPay Jamaica who did a 20 Minute Q+A answering audience questions about the launch of the platform in Jamaica.

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