Surprisingly Good Jamaican Vegan Grub with Jhanelle Golding, Food & Travel Blogger

Episode 21 | March 2, 2020 | 25 mins

When Jamaicans say summen look farrin what they actually mean is that it looks like summen they’d see on cable or in this case a magazine,  something of a distinctly higher quality.

That was exactly my first thought when I came across the “From The Comfort Of My Bowl” Instagram page,  it looked farrin. It is a series of well photographed delicious dishes that literally makes you want to eat your phone screen.

Never mind it’s vegan and had ingredients I had never heard much less able to pronounce (like seriously what is a Kitsune Soba?), no clue, but I was sold. 

Vegan Kitsune Soba (Japanese Buckwheat Noodle Soup) – Image From The Comfort Of My Bowl Blog

The creator behind this gorgeous page is Jhanelle Golding, a Jamaican food and travel blogger living in and exploring Asia.

Jhanelle became a vegan on a whim, she just  decided one day she was tired of chicken and went cold turkey.

I decided that I was just tired of the chicken and rice thing I literally just got up one day and just, they had chicken cooked in the pot and I was like you know what I’m so sick of, I’m not eating chicken ever again.

I guess once you go Vegan you never go back especially if you’re as good as Jhanelle at making tasty faceless grub (she doesn’t eat anything that once had a face) which was difficult because she really loved her desserts and finding facefree options wasn’t  particularly easy in Jamaica, we really love our meat.

Vegan Rice Burger With Kinpura – Image From The Comfort Of My Bowl Blog

I couldn’t find any desserts without egg, dairy or anything like that. I decided well I’m gonna start baking and I go online I wasn’t even sure if this was even possible. So I looked it up online people were doing it. But I wanted to. I wanted to find it here. I didn’t want to, I love baking but I didn’t want to really make it myself. I wanted to be able to go and find it, but turns out wasn’t that easy so I startes my own baking business. From that idea, just helping myself in the kitchen.

Yeah, Jamaicans are that matter-of-fact about starting a business or doing anything for that matter.

I spent about a month just testing recipes or just practising writing recipes, trial and error giving to friends given to strangers, getting feedback. And then I launched surprisingly sweet in May 2017.

Instagram was where she found her community and was able to build a pretty decent hustle there. That eventually morphed into from the comfort of my bowl, a page documenting her vegan journey that doesn’t include salads.

I do not like salads. I like my big plate of food. Just like any Jamaican big hearty feeling food. That’s why I have from the comfort of my bowl … just to show case that hey, vegan comfort food can be good can be filling doesn’t have to be about salads.

Since our tete-a-tete Jhanelle has now upped di ting, launching her blog where you can find her recipes and a YouTube channel where you can watch her recreate these amazing dishes.

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