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2019 has been an amazing year for the Digital Jamaica Platform and it’s all because of you and all the support you’ve given the platform and personally shown me this year. I want to dedicate the last episode of the year to the Digital Jamaica community who have subscribed to the newsletter, listened to the podcast, read the blog or participated in the workshop.


This year I have had the opportunity to build relationships with some amazing Digital Jamaicans. We have met and collaborated but most generously they have afforded me their time and allowed me to share their stories on the blog and podcast. As a new platform that shows a level of belief, trust and support which I am immensely grateful for.


I am thankful for the DJPTW 2019 nominees for understanding and participating in the vision. I am especially grateful for those of you who wore the nomination like a badge of honor — sharing the nomination on your platforms and adding it to your bios have legitimized the series.

The Digital Jamaica People To Watch 2019 Nominees

This year the DJPTW 2020 nominations were all community submissions which means these are your faves. I will be announcing the nominees on December 30th 2019.


I am thankful for the people who participated in the Workshops. With this series I was able to combine two passions, teaching and digital branding. In 2020 the workshops will be more accessible especially to Digital Jamaicans outside of Kingston or those who can’t mount the logistical challenges of getting to the workshop locations.

There will also be a component for boomers who want to learn how to use the digital space to communicate and brand.


Managing a platform is time-consuming and exhausting and there will be many times when you feel like just saying f**k it and giving it. After all it’s much easier to relax and watch YouTube than it is to create content or do a Live or plan a workshop.

The drama behind the scenes is real especially when dealing with mental health issues like anxiety and depression (something I’ve openly spoken about on this platform).

This is why I am thankful for people like my dad and my two long time friends Lastarda Lee, and Damion Miller. These are the people who time and time again have said yes to and wholeheartedly supported all the crazy, shitty ideas I have had.

I am also thankful for people like Anika Ripole-Wilson an Instagram friend turned hero in real life for pulling me back from the brink. I know how hard it  must’ve been for her because as someone who also suffers with mental health issues, but her compassion, advice and support have been a life saver, literally.


In every way your support, no matter how it manifested has been significant. It has really been the driving force behind the growth of the platform and because of it we have achieved a lot of our loftiest goals. 

I look forward to sharing more stories, information and knowledge with you in 2020 and wish for you a happy mentally healthy holiday, see you bright and early January mawnin.


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On February 17, Major tech publication, TechCrunch (in the most dramatic fashion) published a story exposing several vulnerabilities in JamCovid, the Government of Jamaica’s (GOJ’s) Covid App. The story has caused an uncomfortable stir on the local tech scene not just because of the astounding negligence it has brought to light but because of the botched response from both the GOJ and the app developer Amber which has, in effect devolved the situation into an international scandal.

What’s worst is the glaring lack of subject matter experts among local media personnel who seem to be struggling to ask the right questions much less being able to adequately scrutinize the answers.

Add to that mix the glaring dissimilarities between the information on the ground and what Tech Crunch (with receipts to boot) has been dishing on Twitter.

With other major tech publications weighing in and TechCrunch’s Zack Whittaker (the editor who broke the story) seemingly unwilling to let the story die, there’s worsening scrutiny and now a permanent spotlight on Jamaica.

It wouldn’t be a proper scandal without the public adding their (mostly uninformed) two cents — With Jamaicans being so unused to media ‘follow-up’, of course the dogged pursuit of TechCrunch who has now exposed 3 security lapses, will start to look sinister to some.


So, in an attempt at rational and informed discourse on the issue Digital Jamaica has invited local cyber security Trevor Forrest to the table so we can piece together the timeline of what happened, who the players are, consequences and the lasting impact this shit storm will have on the local tech community and Jamaica.

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There are 4 free and easy ways you can support the Digital Jamaica Podcast, subscribe, download episodes, share and leave a review.

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