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Hi, I’m Kadia Francis, blogger, podcaster, digital strategist & content developer.

I became a digital believer in college when I couldnt afford the ridiculously expensive legal textbooks and had to rely heavily on Google resources to complete those papers and pass those exams. In fact I credit Google with being  able to successfully complete with an upper second class honors law degree.

Ever since then I have been evangelizing and teaching people how to use and leverage digital platforms, for personal growth and to create opportunities for themselves.

The truth is that when it comes to digital platforms the rules don’t universally apply. What may work in other markets/cultures doesn’t necessarily work for us.

Which is why I have spent the last 5 years road testing best practices, strategies, ideas and resources in an effort to make these platforms work for me and my clients.

I make it a point to stay in the know on the latest trends, algorithm changes, emerging platforms, resources and best practices.

My job as a strategist and content developer is to interpret, translate and apply all of that internet speak into tangible and effective strategies that my clients can use to grow their brands online.

The Digital Readiness Guide


I created this guide to help businesses and personal brands understand the fundamentals of digital platforms, the process behind building a solid dgitial brand and how to develop the best strategy to grow your brand online.


This guide is an introduction to digital strategy development and is meant to highlight the different aspects of your strategy and outline the process

  • What you should know about digital platforms
  • What is digital branding?
  • Let’s talk social media platforms
  • Choosing the right social platform
  • Choosing the right content type & format
  • The digital readiness questionnaire
  • Assessment & report
  • You + Me + Digital Harmony

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