The Digital Jamaicans in the Creative Arts to Watch in 2020 : Saccheen Laing, Romario Lynch, Gashwayne Hudson & Allayne Williams 

By Kadia Francis | January 06, 2020 | 5 Min Read

Jamaica is a cultural mecca (not up for debate), we are internationally known as a people with an abundance of talent in the arts.⁣ So much talent in fact that our many and varied art forms have started movements, influenced the worlds consciousness and changed other cultures.⁣

The creative arts’ nominees represent the new wave of Jamaican artist taking to digital platforms to interpret, create and promote their own brand of post modern art.⁣ The beauty about that is they’ve largely emancipated themselves from traditional scrutiny (i.e the elites who decided what art was seen or not seen).⁣

Being on digital platforms means their art is now accessible to all of us to consume and reinterpret for ourselves, its us who now dictate value.⁣

Meet the Digital Jamaicans in the Creative Arts to Watch in 2020:⁣

Saccheen Laing

Author & Poet 

Saccheen Laing is the award-winning author of two books, the Curly Hair Club and Thrones not Cells. She has also the author of The Poets Escape and other poetry Collections.  Her work has attracted celebrity fans such as Rosario Dawson & Nick Cannon.

Born and raised in Spanish Town, St. Catherine she graduated from the University of Technology with a BA in Communication Arts & Technology. In 2018, she was the recipient of the Prime Minister’s Youth Awards in Arts & Culture.

Recently Saccheen launched a crowdfunding campaign to turn her book Thrones not Cells into an animated series and is accepting donations here

You can find and connect with Saccheen on Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Romario Lynch

Photgrapher at Seen By Lynch

Romario is a self-taught hobbyist photographer and artist from St. Elizabeth who’s been on the creative scene. He first picked up a camera in 2014 as an outlet to express his frustration but that quickly turned into a hobby and now a full fledged career.

Since then, he has been an unstoppable force in the local and international arts and entertainment scene garnering quite a lot of attention and admiration.  

Romario’s is a provocateur known for his signature saturated, moody night photography style and his keen eye for the female form. His works have been featured in popular digital publications such as Vice, Billboard, Global Grind, & Carib Voxx.

You can find and connect with Romario on Instagram & Twitter.

Gashwayne is the creator of Spectacular Specs, an animated show/ comic currently in development but that has already won several awards including the top prize in the Story Board Category at last years staging of the KingstOOn Animation Conference.

He also won the second place in the Best Character Design Category, and was a second place winner in  The Best Concept Category. 

He has years of experience in the field of Illustration and design working for both local and international clients. He has wide-ranging expertise using several and illustration  software such as Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and is currently teachin himself animation using ToonBoom and TVPaint.

You can find and connect with D’Andre on Instagram & LinkedIn.

Allayne a.ka. Layneartz is a visual artist from Port Antonio, Jamaica known for his bold Jamaican/Afro/Cosmic fusion style. 

You can find and connect with Allyane on Instagram.

Kadia Francis

I am a blogger, podcaster, digital content creator and brand development strategist, telling the story of  Jamaicans in the tech and digital space.





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