Struggling with Stereotype, Cultural Trauma & Mental Health as a Jamaican Creative w/ David Yarde

Episode 17 | January 13, 2020 | 54 mins

Photo Courtesy of David Yarde

In this episode I am talking to David Yarde, a multitalented Jamaican born digital creator who lets us in on his secret struggles with being a Jamaican living in the diaspora, working in non-traditional spaces with all the attendant stereotypes all the while battling depression and trying to overcome childhood trauma.

It was an unexpected foray into the mind of an introverted creative who has to navigate awkward and sometimes unfriendly space —especially when those unfriendly spaces are in the home.

I also opened up about my struggles with mental health, how it affects my work and developing healthy coping mechanisms,

You can find Gavin online on Instagram & Twitter and visit his website here to see all the work he is doing, make sure to check out his blog whole you’re there.


David Yarde is an award winning designer and software engineer that is now focused on leveraging his 17+ years of lessons learned in design, software programming and building brand experiences to help individuals and teams build lovable products and cultures.

During Davids career he has helped to facilitate a variety of customer experience solutions involving developing creative teams, strategies, visual designs and software platforms for brands of all sizes from Avis, Merriam-Webster, and Walmart/Sam’s Club all the way to the startup owner with a passion to make the world better.

With this experience David helps brands fill the gaps as a brand strategy advisor and partner at a branding and design firm that’s focused on building better communities by building better brands.

As a result, David has had the opportunity to share the tough lessons learned about entrepreneurship, team building, personal development, and brand storytelling with individuals and teams across the country as well as on a variety of platforms and publications such as Brand Strategy Insider, The Orlando Business Journal,, Thrive Global, and The Good Men Project.


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