Harnessing Blockchain Technology to Advance the Future of Work & Business with David Palmer


Digital Jamaica Podcast with David Plamer

On this episode of the Digital Jamaica Podcast I had an illuminating conversation with David Palmer, Blockchain Lead for IoT at Vodafone Business a British based multinational telecommunications company.

David and I connected on LinkedIn because of our shared interest in preparing young Jamaicans for the Future of Work. David firmly believes that there are a lot of opportunities in the web 3 space that can bring social mobility, career opportunities and wider productivity to young Jamaicans. The future of work  is not just about being employability says David, young people should not have to be dependent on an employer but rather their ability to harness the potential of web3 technologies like blockchain, NFTs and the emerging metaverse to create opportunities for themselves.

With these technologies enterprising young people in Jamaica with innovative business ideas can collaborate globally by forming digital identities, virtual bank accounts and pooling wallets to create a virtual business and bank account which can be used for one or more business transactions.

This is just one of many ways David feels web 3 technologies can be used for good.




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