Meet the 2020 People to Watch in Tech Honorees

In Jamaica as is the case with just about very post-colony black state, education is considered tops. From an early age we are inculcated with the desire to excel academically, it’s our ticket out of poverty, our parents/guardians retirement plan.   We just love to hear stories of exceptional young Jamaicans beating the odds and excelling […]

Meet the 2020 People to Watch in Media Honorees

DJPTW20 Anjuui James

Technology has afforded us unprecedented access to digital platforms where we can create localized narratives. This is especially important for people like us who have had our stories revised, retold and recentred by the white gaze. Now for the first time, we the everyday people have the opportunity and wherewithal to tell our own stories — author our […]

Meet the 2020 People to Watch in Business Honorees

Within the last 5 years or so Caribbean governments have been engaging in protracted conversations about developing their respective digital economies without much being done on to show a commitment to actually making that a reality. The interesting thing to note however, especially in Jamaica is that the people themselves are way more tech integrated […]

Meet the 2020 People to Watch in the Creative Arts Honorees

DJPTW20 Sacheen Laing, Creative Arts Nominee

Jamaica is a cultural mecca (not up for debate), we are internationally known as a people with an abundance of talent in the arts.⁣ So much talent in fact that our many and varied art forms have started movements, influenced the worlds consciousness and changed other cultures.⁣ The creative arts’ nominees represent the new wave of Jamaican artist taking to digital […]

Meet the 2020 People to Watch Influencer Honorees

Once upon a time you’d have to be famous, super rich, have an important sounding title or in our reality be a high yellow uptown person who speaks with a colonial tongue to amass influence.⁣ Not so today, anyone with a strong message (and the right strategy) can attract influence and with that all the attendant […]

Meet the 2020 People to Watch in Change Agents Honorees

Jamaicans are vocal, outspoken and unafraid people who have boldly and loudly championed personal and global causes without fear of censure.⁣⁣With the advent of social media and other accessible mediums we now have a ready audience of persons who share in and support our causes.⁣⁣These digital change agents have turned their online platforms into soap […]