Episode 20 – Canadian Based Jamaican Chef Adrian Morris went from KFC to Fine Dining to Now Popular Jamaican YouTuber

Chef Adrian Morris has been taking pictures of his food creations from the time he was working his first restaurant job at KFC back in high school.

From KFC to Fine Dining at the Moon Palace Hotel (then Jamaica Grand), his passion for food exploded and so did his incessant need to photograph his work.

When he started posting those images to social media he realized that not only did his friends, family and followers loved the pics, they also wanted to know how to make the amazing dishes.

That didn’t change especially after he migrated to Canada and started posting pics of the wide variety of food he was preparing in various restaurants.

It was always in the back of his mind to create a YouTube Channel where he could share his talents with the world but he ignored the idea until Mrs. Morris started encouraging him to get started.

“I had the thought like a few years before but I didn’t have the knowledge of how to actually sign up on YouTube, it was just a mere thought. And the she (his wife) said why you don’t create a YouTube Channel because everybody is always messaging you for recipe, and I said okay, sounds good so I went and bought a camera”.

The first video he ever produced was on a whim, the audio was terrible.

“I just took out the camera, put it on my tripod and I was just there recording myself, not the best audio, nothing but just the sole love of cooking and wanting to document it for my close friends not knowing that it would reach where it is right now.”

He spent hours, practically the whole night learning how to edit the video from his inlaw Annesha Adams who is  also a Canadian Based Jamaican Youtuber.  He sent his first video out to family and friends who gave him unbiased feedback that he used to produce even better videos. 

There was no turning back he was now ready to introduce himself to the world.

“Apart from putting it out there to share the recipes with the friends and families that were requested them, it [YouTube] was also a place for me just like Facebook to have my work so years to come I can say ok, I did that. I can look back just like a personal portfolio that’s available online, because you don’t know if your phone may crash and you lose all that content, you know. So that’s how the YouTube started.”

The Morris Time Cooking YouTube channel was launched in January 2017 and in just a few short years has amassed over 300k subscribers with over 15 million video views, making it one of the biggest Jamaican YouTube Food Channels.

Check out Chef Adrian on YouTube and Instagram or visit his website for even more goodies.

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