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The Four Top Jamaican Bloggers you Should be Following in 2019

Blogging has been a thing in Jamaica for some time now, as far back as 2010 Jamaican bloggers were forming communities and organizing events to recognize and award these digital Jamaicans. Thus the Jamaican Blog Awards was founded which quickly morphed into the Caribbean Blog Awards (CBA) to ‘honour the best in blogging’ and to ‘celebrate the leading online content creators from the region’.

People to Watch

Jamaican Graphic Designers to Watch in 2019

The best thing that has happened to Jamaica and other small Caribbean Island states in the last twenty years or so is the internet. This is a very bold assertion I know and here’s another one, I’m going to go one step further and say that perhaps the best government initiative during that period was the demonopolization of the telecoms industry.


Meet Victoria Taylor, Digital Marketing Expert & Our Instagrammer of The Week

Businesses have been using digital platforms like TV and radio to market their businesses for some time now, that’s not a new concept. But since the late 2000s digital has had a whole new face with the rise of social media and other Web based platforms like YouTube and WordPress backed by powerful search engines like Google with the accompanying suite of tools such as Google Analytics.