Meet Anna Sarayna, Jamaican Girl Boss, Full Time Globe Trotter and Work From Anywhere Expert

Digital Jamaican Of The Week | June 19, 2020

Anna a.k.a the Inbox Whisperer is a copy writer, email strategist and the boss at an email marketing agency she started to earn money to support her travels.

Anna developed her skills on Fiverr back in 2015 “when the rates were much cheaper”. She started out offering blog writing services and slowly transitioned into copy writing and eventually niched to email marketing. She got pretty good at it too and was able to transition off the platform with a steady client base.

Even thought it was growing well, she gave it up for a full time job at a call centre where she excelled. Not long thereafter she was in a position to save enough to realize her other passion, travelling.

And, in 2018 she was ready to quit the cushy job and become a full time globe trotter.  

Well it wasn’t quite as romantic as that, turns out Anna wasn’t as financially prepared as she thought and after a couple stops was low on funds. Not wanting to get stuck in a foreign country without money she had to quickly figure out a way to earn herself back on track.

And that’s how Afiwi Marketing got started. In just two short years she has grown the business enough to support her passion for travelling. So far she has been to 4 continents and visited 18 countries.

Over at Digital Jamaica we believe in promoting and championing our own. So, we created the Digital Jamaican of the Week feature to do just that.

These amazing Jamaicans are out here doing the damn thing and we are here to make sure you know about it.

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