9 Amazing Professional & Amateur Jamaican Photographers


10 Amazing Professional & Amateur Jamaican Photographers

Inspired by our recent feature with one of our faves Marlon Mckoy and the response from our readers who were eager to share their top picks. Here are 10 more amazing Jamaican professional and amateur photographers whose work shows off the immense local talent.

Nah lie it was difficult to pick just 10 photographers for this list. My DM was absolutely flooded with recommendatiosn after the last feature and OH MY GOD!!! they are all so damn good. I did not know but that there were so many talented Jamaican photographers online. There is a literally a photographer for every occassion — pregnancy, events, wedding, fashion you name it the talent is here.  What I am particularly excited about though is the emerging local fine arts photography scene that has produced immense international talents like Adrian McDonald.

So thanks to the awesomeness that is my tribe who came through with the recommendations,  I have put together this small list of super amazing Jamaican photographers. Some are professionals with years of experience, while others are up and coming talent or just hobbyists —  what they all are though is amazing.

Andre Campbell – Amateur Portrait Photographer

Dre uses a Canon 70D to capture some of the cleanest, colourful and highly stylized photos on Instagram. His profile makes you want to be in front of his camera.

What’s even more amazing is that Dre is a total newb to the world of photography. In fact his profile is less than a year old, but from day one his talent was obvious.

“Knowing that I’m new on the scene I definitely want to make an impact, so I try to do things differently so that people will take notice, even with my edits. I have grown quite a bit to where a lot of people are taking notice and a lot of pros are showing support and giving great feedback as well. I define my work as simple, different bold and creative.”

Shoooot, I can’t argue with any of that.

Troy Campbell – Real Estate Drone Photographer

With his DJI Phantom 4 smart flying camera Troy captures stunning some of the most stunning images images and videos of local real estate. Tray himself is a realtor, in fact he doesn’t consider himself  a photographer exclusively.

For him drone photography is another way to stand out and deliver next level service.

“Firstly I’m a realtor. My aim is to provide the best service to property buyers & sellers, as well as other realtors. Everything that comes with doing that is just a means to differentiate based on delivery. I just learn and do what it takes to make a difference.

Bryan R. Smith – Wedding & Maternity Photographer

I have known about Bryan for a long time now. In fact, he was the photographer I worked with on the recently concluded Digital Jamaica People to Watch Series 2019. Known for his beautiful maternity photography, he is also a wedding ,lifestyle and events photographer.

Bryan uses his Nikon D750 to create special moments for his clients.

“My photography captures the raw emotions of my clients, which makes it more than just a photograph but rather memories frozen in time.”

Brian Lundy – Hobbyist Mobile Phone Photographer

Bryan is a professional helicopter pilot with a passion for photographing what he calls ‘our paradise’. As a hobbyist photographer, he uses a Samsung Note 8 to capture the incredible natural beauty of Jamaica from the skies.

Keon Predi – Freelance Food & Event Photographer

What I love most about Keon’s work is how uses the backdrop to add drama and texture to his photographs.  This gives his work a cinematic, fluid feel  — like stills from a movie. Though his work looks effortless you can tell that a lot of work went into producing each shot.

“I see myself as a creative, rather than an artiste. I try to express my thoughts through each shot. I show what should be seen. “

Although a specialist food and events photographer he uses his Canon 6D to capture incredible editorials, maternity and wedding  photographs as well.

Sheldon Levene – Amateur Aerial & Drone Photographer

Sheldon is a digital busy body. He is an entrepreneur, content creator and the mobile app developer behind Jamdung app the Jamaican version of charades and the Jamaican minigames app Jamaicans be Like. On top of all that he still finds time for photography — using his DJI Mavic Pro Drone to take stunning aerial images of the island.

Jik-Reuben Pringle –  Photographer & Videographer

Jik-Reuben is another veteran photographer who’s work is regularly featured in local and international publications. He is also a serial exhibitor whos photography has been shown as far afield as Germany.

“Whenever I choose to put any creative material out there it has to make you think or better yet open up awareness on something you never viewed or processed before.”

Comfortable with both still and moving subjects, he uses his Nikon F4 and Canon A-1 to capture iconic images of some of Jamaica’s favourite entertainers.

Adrian Creary – Headshot Photographer

Adrian is the owner and photographer behind Studio Craft the go to place for professional, corporate and branding photography. In fact, Studio Craft is so popular you can find them at some of the biggest millenial events such as the Indiggo Conference and Ready to Emerge Summits.

Adrian uses his Nikon D810 and superior photo retouching skills to shoot some of the most recognizable faces in local industry. His work proves that professional photography doesn’t have to be a chore for the photographed or the photographer.

“I strive to make my sessions as enjoyable as possible. I’ve developed coaching techniques to guide you through the process feeling relaxed. My goal is to get you confident expressions in your photos so you can be proud of your final images and use them to promote your business or brand.”

Fern Elise – Veteran Photographer

Fern Elise is a trend setting photographer who was one of the first to use DSLR photography for events and parties. That led to her founding Live Stush (now Stush Marketing) a trend setting company built on events photography. 

Fern herself is a people photographer which is why she says she started doing photography in the first place. She prefers when her subject is not posed or posing, unpretentious and vulnerable. She loves people who are themselves and who will let it all hang out on a shoot.

“My first love is portraiture photography because I love to capture people, I find it stimulating.  That’s why I love capturing children and animals, they are so not interested in what I am doing but that’s what makes it beautiful. “

After all her successes Fern still talks about her work with a wonderful sense of excitement. It is both refreshing and inspirational to talk to someone who is so in love with what she does, ‘I could talk about this forever if you let me’ she says.

Did you see any of your faves? If not drop their handles and I’ll be sure to highlight them in my Stories. Also my DM’s are always open to your recommendations for more digital Jamaicans to feature.