Growth Through Community.

We believe in the power of tech to advance individual and national economy, which is why we are recentering community so as to harness the power of togetherness and collaboration towards a digitally literate, involved and recognized Caribbean.

Origin Story

In December 2018, Founder Kadia Francis launched Digital Jamaica to create a space where digital and tech creatives and professionals are supported and promoted in their growth process. 

Kadia Francis Founder Digital Jamaica

As Featured On

Over the last 4 years we have made the rounds,  working with and appearing on several platforms to share our knowledge and expertise on all the possibilities and opportunities to advance Caribbean voices in digital spaces.


As part of our mission to promote and educate we have developed several programmes different segment of our community can partake in, click below to learn more about each.

Digital Jamaica People To Watch 2022 Nominations

Lets' Engage

Our goal is to empower audiences to energetically explore and pursue tech spaces for opportunities to earn. Lets work together to create engaging, impactful and high-value experiences for your audience.