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Episode 30 : From A Small District in Clarendon to Global Game Changer with Dr. Carlene Campbell

Dr. Carlene Campbell was elected the 2021 Chair of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, she is only the second woman, first black woman, first Caribbean, Jamaican woman to have held that position in the Institutions 150 year history. This is just one of the many…

Episode 28 - Where The Money Resides with Kalilah Reynolds

When Kalilah Reynolds launched Kalilah Reynolds Media she already had a toddler, a teen, was on her 3rd pregnancy and recovering from Covid. And, now that she has quit her 9-5, she was getting ready to confront the very real possibility of not having an income if this…

Episode 27 - Dr. Camir Ricketts : How Early Exposure, Parental & Community Support Paved The Way To Success

Just this past Wednesday Dr. Camir Ricketts graduated from the Weill Cornell School of Medicine with a PHD in Computational Biology. It was a bittersweet occasion, on the one hand after almost 26 years of continuous formal education he is finally done, having successfully…

Digital Jamaicans


How Pree Labs Ltd. & Citizens Response Ja Is Helping Jamaica Win The Fight Against Covid

Admittedly Digital Jamaica is an unapologetically biased platform. We have a special affinity for young prodigious tech/digital Jamaicans who have used their talents whether self taught or professionally trained to create innovative and relevant localized solutions to…

Meet Anna Sarayna, Jamaican Girl Boss, Full Time Globe Trotter and Work From Anywhere Expert.

Anna a.k.a the Inbox Whisperer is a copy writer, email strategist and the boss atafiwimarketing.coman email marketing agency she started to earn money to support her travels. Anna developed her skills on Fiverr back in 2015 “when the rates were much…

This Black, Women led, Book Subscription Box Service Wants to “Decentre” White Literature

Looking for books written by and about POC people? You won’t get better thanDecentred Litssubscription boxes. The Jamaica based box service was founded last year by three bad ass women, Kaymara Barrett, Bibliophile & Earth Bender, Stacy-Ann Hayles, Web…

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People to Watch


The Digital Jamaicans in Tech to Watch in 2020 : Nicholas Kee, Yekini Wallen Bryan, Christopher Gayle & Kori Solomon

In Jamaica as is the case with just about very post-colony black state, education is considered tops. From an early age we are inculcated with the desire to excel academically, it’s our ticket out of poverty, our parents/guardians retirement plan. We just…

The Digital Jamaicans in Media to Watch in 2020 : Anjuii James-Sawyers, Wade Haye, Noelle Black & O’Dwayne Wilson

Technology has afforded us unprecedented access to digital platforms where we can create localized narratives. This is especially important for people like us who have had our stories revised, retold and recentred by thewhite gaze. Now for the first time, we the…

The Digital Jamaicans in Business to Watch in 2020 : Monique McIntosh, Shandean Reid, D’Andre Fraser, Kerron Clarke & Joel Heron

Within the last 5 years or so Caribbean governments have been engaging in protracted conversations about developing their respective digital economies without much being done on to show a commitment to actually making that a reality. The interesting thing to note however…

Digital Jamaica Guides


The Digital Jamaica Guide to Hashtags: Everything You Need To Know About This Powerful Tool

As a panellist at the recently concluded  Rise and Shine Jamaica Expo, I had an opportunity to share with the audience on one of my favourite topics, social media. One of the questions posed by the moderator was about hashtags, what are they and how to use them…

The Platform Equation: Spreading Your Brands Identity Across Social Channels

A rule of thumb when it comes to social media is that not every platform will be right for your brand. The only real way to find out if a particular channel is compatible with your brand’s identity and message will take time and diligent effort which may or may not yield…

How Jamaican Brands can Leverage Social Media Platforms for Growth

Right off the bat let me say that social media platforms are not for businesses or brands. Although, if you’re a personal brand you have a lot more room to manouevre on these platforms but in general it wasn’t meant for you either. There are however still ways you can…

Editor's Picks


Are You An Anxious Creative? How To Unstuck Yourself & Get More Work Done

Who remembers theTed Talk by that psychologist guywho said procrastinators are more intelligent? Like tech genius Steve Jobs who was purportedly a super procrastinator “The time Steve Jobs was putting things off and noodling on possibilities was time…

Friending the Competition : Why Collaboration Is Better Than Competition

At my recently concluded Digital Brand Strategy Development Workshop, I spent a healthy amount of time identifying and discussing the foundations of a comprehensive digital strategy. In session two (2) I walked the participants through a core area of focus, the…

The Ecommerce Evolution Is Finally Here & CoolMarket is Leading The Charge

TheCoolMarketteam showed up and showed out in a big way last Wednesday at the inaugural staging of their Connectecom E-Commerce Conference & Expo at the Jamaica Pegasus. The now signature event has established Coolmarket as a major voice and advocate for…